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Twitter URL shortening and how to reactivate Bitly (

October 29th, 2013

Since 2010, Twitter discreetly shortens all shared links using their own short URL service, which makes additional URL shortening unnecessary. So if you tweet a link that is over 100 characters long, Twitter today only counts 20-23 against your 140 characters. Not having to worry about short URLs makes sharing links on Twitter far easier than it used to be.

Last week we finally disabled AddToAny’s default link shortening to Twitter using Bitly’s service. Bitly had a good run on AddToAny’s platform since 2009, and Bitly remains a URL shortening & link tracking option for publishers.

If you have any questions about enabling short URLs or link tracking for your site using Bitly or another service such as, just ask and we’ll show you how.