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Perfect sharing icons in any size on all devices

October 30th, 2013

Scalable vector sharing icons have arrived!  For the past months, we have been rolling out beautiful new “SVG” icons across the AddToAny platform.

Vector sharing icons by AddToAny (overview)

These aren’t your ordinary raster graphics. AddToAny’s SVG sharing icons are infinitely scalable, customizable, crisp on high density pixel displays, mobile-ready, super-lightweight, and cross-browser.  Make them as large as you want, make them rounder or square, animate them using CSS transitions & animations, and never worry about graphical perfection and efficiency, because that’s what AddToAny strives for:

Perfectly beautiful, technically perfect.

Developers know that AddToAny maintains excellent backwards-compatibility, and SVG icons are no exception. In older web browsers such as Internet Explorer 6 & 7, which do not support SVGs, AddToAny gracefully uses raster icons instead of vector icons. All modern web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, and many more) will display AddToAny’s SVG sharing icons.

At AddToAny, extreme efficiency is always top of mind, so we challenged ourselves to offer new vector icons in just one web request. The result is a fully minified and concatenated single download that renders icons only on demand. It’s so incredibly efficient that soon AddToAny will default to vector icons (instead of traditional raster icons) on high-PPI displays such as Retina displays.

So far, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Reddit, Tumblr, StumbleUpon, WordPress, VK, and dozens more services are among the first SVG sharing icons, with more continuing to roll out. Like traditional sharing icons, AddToAny vector icons will be receiving the same constant updates as logos change.

For WordPress and Drupal publishers, the latest versions of the WordPress sharing plugin and the Drupal sharing module have been updated to support AddToAny’s new vector icons. For publishers & developers on other content management systems, you can get the new icons and code from AddToAny’s share buttons generator and read the docs on further customizing the icons.

We’re excited to bring vector sharing icons to modern web devices, and it’s a thrill to contribute to a more perfect, beautiful, modern web.