Privacy Policy

AddToAny doesn't sell personal data. We do our best to preserve privacy by limiting what we process.

What kind of data is processed?

  • Typical server log information, including:
    • URL requested on our domain
    • Referring URL
    • IP address
    • Browser, language, and operating system used
    • Browser cookies on our domain
    • Time and date
  • Typical browser information, such as URL, title, and related metadata.
  • Server log data is used for server administration and general operation purposes.
  • We do not use unique user identifiers on sites across the web.
  • We use HTTP cookies on our domain only.
    • Optional user accounts may use strictly necessary session cookies.
    • Optional preferences may use preference cookies to remember your preferred services.
  • We do not use personally identifiable information (PII) unless you provide it to us.
    • For example, when you contact us, you can optionally provide your name and email address.
    • You may request deletion of PII you have provided by contacting us.

How long is end user data retained?

  • We delete server log data within 30 days or less, and may keep aggregate usage data only.
  • We do not retain server log data on static assets provided for use on sites across the web.

What kind of data is shared?

  • In a URL request, typical server log data may be shared with service providers and partners.
  • Official service integrations are served by their respective services under their respective privacy policies.
    • For example, the Facebook Like button is hosted & served by Facebook under their privacy policy.

What about the GDPR & CCPA for websites & apps using AddToAny?

AddToAny is compatible by default with the European General Data Protection Regulation, and the California Consumer Privacy Act. See the FAQ for more information.