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Introducing smart menus: The services your visitors use displayed first, automagically

June 24th, 2008

There’s another good reason we’ve always included every service in our widgets, and you’ll soon know why…

Today we’re announcing an awesome new change to our Share/Save and Subscribe widgets.

The service your visitors use are placed first within Add to Any widgets!

We’re not talking services you guess your visitors use, but much better: the services they really visit and use.

Share/Save widget with smart menu

Let’s see it in action.

Go to one of your pages that includes an Add to Any widget, or see one on our blog. Mouse over one of the buttons, and you’ll see that the first services in the menu are the services you visit. (Like a form of black magic!) If you start visiting other services, those services will automatically appear in the menu as well. The same goes for everyone else, so each visitor is more inclined to add your content to the service(s) they actually use.

To figure out which services you visit, an Add to Any widget evaluates the massive list of services in its drop-down menu.  If your browser indicates that you’ve been to a service, that service is automatically bumped to the top of the menu.  Some black magic, eh? It’s about time someone put it to good use.

Subscribe widget with smart menu

In fact, we’ve been putting the smarter menus to use on a few participating websites since last year. We analyzed stats to ensure that the new functionality was viable, useful, and an overall improvement (indeed!). We then polished, released, and gave a heads up to some people (Allen, Kristen, Josh, and others).

We’re now glad to say that it’s even easier for your visitors to share, save and subscribe to your content using the services they already use.

Yet another advantage of our original move to include every relevant service in our Share/Save and Subscribe widgets!