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Add to Any launches new drop-down “Bookmark” and “Subscribe” buttons

October 9th, 2007

Today, we launched a major update that adds a searchable drop-down menu to the Add to Any “Bookmark” and “Subscribe” buttons. Webmasters and bloggers can get the buttons and see examples on this new page:

Highlights of the new drop-down menu:

  • Includes the same services as Add to Any
  • Instant search to narrow down services
  • Supports browser tabs and new windows
  • Customizable using CSS
  • Doesn’t rely on JavaScript — visitors can still click the button to bookmark/subscribe through
  • The “Subscribe” button includes personalized homepages
  • The “Bookmark” drop-down menu includes social sites (Digg, Facebook, etc.) and other services (Sphere, etc.)

Some general highlights of Add to Any’s service (for those of you who are new):

  • Strives to include all public (and relevant) services that accept inbound links
  • Constantly updated
  • No sign-up
  • Totally free

Current WordPress plug-ins (drop-down functionality to come at a later date):

“Bookmark” button:

“Subscribe” button: