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PostSecret using the Share/Save widget to help save 1.800.SUICIDE

June 30th, 2008

PostSecret is Frank Warren’s captivating blog that displays very special postcards each week.  The postcards are sent to him anonymously, and they contain [usually] handwritten secrets that were previously untold.

It’s not uncommon that Frank uses PostSecret to help raise awareness and calls to action about important issues.  This week, PostSecret is trying to raise awareness and financial support for Hopeline (1.800.SUICIDE), an independent hotline for suicide prevention.

The site typically uses Add to Any’s Share/Save widget to help visitors spread, but this week Frank’s using the button uniquely.  In the first known use of our widget as a tool for spreading a link that’s outside the scope of a popular website, Frank has positioned the widget to help spread Hopeline’s awareness and fundraising campaign.

Check out PostSecret here.