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Share button for blogs – the easier way

April 13th, 2009

For years publishers have been clamoring to get a social bookmarking button properly integrated on their blogs.  We’re very aware that people have gone to great lengths to get AddToAny’s share button inserted below their posts. Minh of Digital Citizen wrote a fantastically thorough post recently on how to place AddToAny in posts.  We’ve since shared Minh’s guide with inquiring WordPressers from all over the world.  As Minh acknowledges, the process is pretty involved, and not to detract from his great tutorial (thank you again, Minh!), but we thought about ways to make it easier. Today we are officially sharing the easiest option yet: a share button inserter for

Get your Share Button Inserter bookmarklet now!

With Share button integration, your readers and visitors have access to every relevant sharing and bookmarking service (including email) and you never have to worry about maintenance, upgrades, etc.  Here’s an example share button that was actually inserted into this post with the Share Button inserter!:


Doing this yourself is a breeze.  If you happen to have the WordPress “Press It” button, you’ll feel right on home installing your inserter.  In most browsers (sans Internet Explorer), you’ll simply drag the “bookmarklet” (so it’s called) onto your browser’s link toolbar. (Internet Explorer’s just a little different though directions are available.) From there, the process is simple. You’ll publish a post, press the Share Button you installed and bam — Share button is inserted and you have successfully enabled social bookmarking on your post!  Save changes and you’re done.

Get your AddToAny inserter here.

WordPressers, we hope you like this.  Please do let us know what you think!

Update: Choose your own share button! Thanks to everyone for the request!