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Service links and service icons for WordPress plugin

April 1st, 2009

Over 100,000 downloads after the last WordPress milestone, AddToAny is releasing version .9.9 of the sharing and bookmarking plugin for WordPress blogs!

As many of you know, .9.9 is one unusually high version number for the plugin, and it’s oh-so-close to that tasty 1.0.  With this particularly special release, we’re fulfilling the requests of many people in one major new feature:

Service icons available in version .9.9

Individual service links!

It isn’t a joke (though Happy good-luck-filtering-through-the-real-news Day!) and it isn’t earth-shatteringly original.  To develop this feature, we actually had to travel back in time to circa 2005 when service chicklets of varying sizes were all the rage, and all over blogs.  On the surface this seems somewhat weird: Here we are, home of the world’s first decluttering all-inclusive sharing, bookmarking and subscribing buttons, and now we’re peddling individual service icons!  Why?

A very good reason: because it simply makes sense for publishers to optimize their sites for the services that bring the most return.  Include those service links for your largest pools of sharers, and include the all-inclusive AddToAny sharing widget for everyone else. Your most valuable visitors are immediately served, and all other methods of sharing are perfectly enabled for the masses.

Sevice links + AddToAny, best of neighbors at last, officially on WordPress.