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New share buttons: Threema, Houzz, Refind, StockTwits

August 28th, 2017

This month we’ve added a few noteworthy services to the AddToAny platform: Threema, Houzz, Refind, and StockTwits.

Threema share button

Threema icon

Share to the Threema messaging app.

Houzz share button

Houzz icon

Add images to Houzz Ideabooks.

Refind share button

Refind icon

Share links or save to your private reading list on Refind.

StockTwits share button

StockTwits icon

Share ideas and links on the StockTwits network.

AddToAny welcomes these new services!

New messenger buttons: Skype, Viber, Kik, WeChat, Snapchat

April 29th, 2016

We’ve added five new messengers to AddToAny this month!

Skype share button

Skype icon

Share to Skype on the web.

Viber share button

Viber icon

Share to the Viber app.

Kik share button

Kik icon

Share to the Kik app.

WeChat share button

WeChat icon

Share to WeChat. It’s here. The web grew tired of waiting for WeChat to create a proper sharing endpoint for the web, so we created an interim WeChat button in AddToAny. On desktop, users scan a QR code to share in the WeChat mobile app. On mobile, users copy the link and tap “Open WeChat” to share. If/when WeChat offers an open sharing endpoint for the web, we’ll switch to that one in a jiffy.

Snapchat follow button

Snapchat icon

Follow on Snapchat by setting up your Snapchat follow button.

Any messenger

AddToAny welcomes the above messaging apps in addition to SMS, Telegram, WhatsApp, Line, Yahoo Messenger, AIM, and more to come.

New share buttons and icons: SMS, Telegram, Google Classroom, GitHub

January 28th, 2016

Today we are excited to highlight a few major service additions to the AddToAny sharing platform.

SMS share button

SMS icon

Finally, SMS sharing is ready for action! AddToAny has been rallying the top two mobile operating systems to properly implement the standard SMS scheme for years — Google & Apple finally made it happen. Using the latest versions of Android and iOS (as well as other OSs), AddToAny users can now share links from the web through SMS. In addition to “SMS” sharing, the SMS share button works for sending iMessages on iOS and in other default SMS messengers on Android.

Telegram share button

Telegram icon

Welcome, Telegram! Many you have asked AddToAny to include Telegram sharing, and we’re delighted that the Telegram team made link sharing work in all of their apps. With AddToAny, you can now share to Telegram on both mobile and desktop.

Google Classroom share button

Google Classroom icon

Students and teachers, you can now share to Google Classroom with AddToAny.

GitHub follow button

GitHub icon

Developers, we’ve included the GitHub icon to conveniently point to your GitHub profile among your other follow buttons.

WeChat and other services

AddToAny is always looking for new services to include by default, and we work to include any service with major usage as soon as it becomes technically possible.

WeChat, for example, is one service that has been on AddToAny’s radar for a very long time, but the developers of WeChat have yet to enable sharing to their apps from the web. Until then, we recommend contacting WeChat to request that feature so WeChat can be included in AddToAny.

Thanks for your requests, and keep them coming!