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WordPress sharing plugin, new features

May 5th, 2011

AddToAny’s sharing plugin for WordPress is one of the most popular plugins for WordPress.  Having been downloaded over 1.6 million times by WordPress publishers from all over the world, AddToAny is also the top plugin for sharing.


We love WordPress. We love feedback.

Today we are releasing version .9.9.8 of the plugin, and two little features are sure to please.

#1: WordPress widgets!

Not to be confused with the generic term, a WordPress widget is something that can be easily moved and manipulated in a theme without having to delve into code. So this new AddToAny plugin “widget” feature makes it very easy to move your sharing elements where you want them.

#2: Shortcode for sharing!

Ever wanted to display sharing buttons in the middle of a post?  Or wanted only certain posts to be shared? It’s pretty easy now.  To output AddToAny right where you want it, just type the following in a post:


Want to customize the shared URL to share something other than the current post?  Try it like this:

[addtoany url="" title="Some Example Page"]

Thank you to everyone in the WordPress community who has supported the plugin through recommending (sharing!), feedback, translations, and patches. It’s been a big help for over 4 years of active development. (We’re almost at version 1.0!)

Always and forever, please keep your feedback coming. You can download the sharing plugin here. Thanks!