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Share to Google+ within your sharing menu

November 10th, 2011

Many of you have asked about sharing to Google’s social network, Google+, within your universal sharing menu.  Our response has generally been, ‘We are waiting for Google to release a sharing endpoint for Google+,’ But then we got tired of waiting and developed a interim workaround. 🙂


So starting today – no upgrade necessary – your visitors can share your content to Google+.  Our temporary workaround is to offer a landing page on that offers a Google +1 button that targets your original link.  A couple neat things about this: a) You don’t have to make any new changes since this is an automatic release, and b) Your pages do not incur the additional load of the Google+ JavaScript and button assets.

Share to Google+ within AddToAny

Of course, as soon as Google+ releases a traditional public sharing endpoint, we’ll switch over to it immediately and automatically.

Enjoy sharing to Google+!