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Replace AddThis with AddToAny, the AddThis alternative

April 4th, 2023

This month Oracle (the owner of AddThis, a platform similar to AddToAny) posted a notice that they are terminating all AddThis services after May 31, 2023. So:

RIP AddThis. AddToAny to the rescue!

We warmly welcome AddThis users to AddToAny, the original universal sharing platform.

AddToAny is the perfect drop-in replacement for AddThis. Since launching similar platforms way back in 2006, AddToAny & AddThis have quite a bit of overlap in design & features. There are some major upgrades in migrating to AddToAny too:

  1. User privacy. We limit the data we process, don’t track users, and don’t sell data. We’ve also long supported local caching of our assets.
  2. Native sharing on major platforms. AddToAny supports the native share menus on iOS & Android, and provides our universal menu for other platforms.
  3. AddToAny is technically light as a feather and built with extraordinary care. Our main script weighs in at a super-light 1.8 kB compressed. It takes advantage of modern HTTP multiplexing, so it loads only what’s needed as fast as possible over a single connection (with graceful fallbacks for older HTTP/1.x). All without compromising your PageSpeed score.
  4. Deep flexibility with AddToAny floating buttons, follow buttons, image sharing, share counters, and much more.

Switching to AddToAny on any platform

Generally, any website can get the AddToAny HTML code and customize it, and we have a guide on how to remove AddThis and install AddToAny.

We also have some official platform recommendations…

WordPress sites: Get the popular AddToAny plugin.

Drupal sites: Get the popular AddToAny module.

Cloudflare sites: Check out the no-code AddToAny app.

See also: Joomla, Tumblr, Blogger, and other platforms.

Replacing AddThis code with AddToAny code

If you have AddThis code manually installed on your site, the switch to AddToAny involves some search & replace. Check out our detailed guide:

Replacing AddThis with AddToAny

Publishers & developers: Is there a particular AddThis feature you’re looking for in AddToAny, or something we can do to make migrating to AddToAny easier? Let us know!