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January 9th, 2009

Today we’d like to highlight some of the sites that are utilizing AddToAny’s sharing button.  The first two sites below have wonderfully customized the widget’s drop-down menu. The next two utilize our WordPress plugins (which, by the way, can also be customized just as much as the former two sites). The last site was sort of a last-second drop-in, but… you’ll see. Check out these sites, and always feel free to let us know if you’re utilizing AddToAny in some unique way!


Sweet, sweet social search engine. OneRiot prioritizes its search results in real-time with what’s popular on the web. Type in a topic and check the pulse for what’s hot. You want the best source for content on a recent or ongoing topic? Check OneRiot. They take the cake for one of the most customized sharing menus — see “Share this Page” on their results pages. Also, they put on one helluva cool conference.

Princeton University

Outstanding university, outstanding web team from the Office of Communications.  We really dig the color and dimensional modifications they made to the widget. Check out some of the stories in their news section to see a perfectly customized AddToAny implementation. To our knowledge, they’re the first to figure out how to use AddToAny’s simple link e-mailer as a standalone link. We haven’t even touted that yet!


People powered discovery, and one single aggregated activity stream from the people you care about.  We recently integrated Strands into our Share/Save button. If you haven’t heard of Strands, check out the video on their homepage and request an invite.  On their blog, they’re using the WordPress sharing plugin.


Business and brand building software for artists. Topspin is nominated for a Crunchie as the “Best New Startup of 2008” (they’re honored). On their blog, they’re increasing buzz with a sharing button plugin, also of the WordPress kind.

Now, the following site just barely made the post, and I think if you’ve ever rode a bicycle or played guitar, you’re in for a real treat.

The Bicycling Guitarist

Chris Watson is The Bicycling Guitarist.  As if anticipating this post, Chris contacted us moments ago to let us know that he just placed a Share/Save button on his site. I told him that he should post his videos to YouTube for everyone to easily view, but in the meantime be sure to read his bio and download the videos. Keep peddling and shredding, Chris!