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Hide Embeds Under Menu

Note: Please refer to this document for the preferred method of ensuring that the menu displays in front of embedded objects like Flash.

In some browsers, the drop-down menu appears behind embedded objects (like Flash videos, games, image galleries, etc.), or may only be partially visibile in front of such objects. The preferred fix is to ensure that your embedded objects have special attributes that will allow the menu (and other drop-downs) to appear in front of such objects.

The next best and immediate workaround is to have AddToAny temporarily hide objects (like Flash) that intersect with the menu when the menu is displayed. You can enable this functionality by using the code below.

var a2a_config = a2a_config || {};
a2a_config.hide_embeds = 1;

In Drupal, add the following JavaScript code to your "Additional JavaScript" box in Configuration > Web services > AddToAny > Additional Options.

In WordPress, add the following JavaScript code to your "Additional JavaScript" box in Settings > AddToAny.

a2a_config.hide_embeds = 1;

Tip: Instead of this method, you can modify your embeds to remain visible while also allowing the AddToAny menu to display in front.

Note: AddToAny has deprecated embed hiding by default since June 2010. The above code re-enables the same functionality.