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Supporting the OExchange specification

AddToAny has a history of supporting and driving open initiatives (like the Open Share Icon), and today we are delighted to announce support for a new specification: “OExchange“.

The OExchange spec defines a common way for sharing services to receive content, and allows third party sharing services like AddToAny to discover new sharing services.

To kick things off, we’ve already implemented OExchange-Discovery for AddToAny’s all-inclusive sharing application. Sharing services, please note, this was really easy to do thanks to the tools available. It took us less than 10 minutes! We’re excited because as more services adopt OExchange-Discovery, the process of including new services in the AddToAny platform will be more efficient.

Cheers to the team at Clearspring for their work on OExchange, and we hope to see it used across many more services on the open web.