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Google Analytics for your share button, updated!

We have begun rolling out a significant update to AddToAny’s Google Analytics integration for sharing stats.  The update brings easier access to AddToAny sharing analytics and makes social media and bookmarking reports much more powerful and elegant!

See the new AddToAny sharing analytics guide!

Keeping a watchful eye on Google’s analytics offerings, a few months ago we were extra-happy to see Google Analytics officially announce event tracking for everyone.  The ubiquity of Google Analytics event tracking has allowed us to update AddToAny’s Google Analytics integration to track each share as an event and to appropriately bucket all events into actions & labels within a single category.  With this enhancement, AddToAny brings you more useful and intuitive sharing stats within the analytics dashboard you already use.

With AddToAny’s G.A. integration, you could traditionally access detailed reports on:

With the new G.A. integration, the above reports are easier to access and you can additionally:

For those wondering, the new method indeed replaces the old access method.  So instead of filtering reports by, you can access your social bookmarking stats in two clicks or less from your Google Analytics dashboard.

With no further ado, check out the updated AddToAny Google Analytics guide, and go check out your stats!