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Flipboard button update

This week we updated Flipboard across the AddToAny platform. Flipboard updated their sharing endpoint, AddToAny detected it, and the new endpoint was instantly rolled out to all AddToAny users. In classic AddToAny form, you don’t have to update your AddToAny plugins or code, but perhaps you’ll want to make Flipboard sharing more prominent on your site.

What is Flipboard?

Flipboard is a platform for readers to discover, collect and share new content. Millions of people use the Flipboard app for a beautiful reading experience, and the latest generation of Flipboard offers stories from over 34,000 topics to follow.

AddToAny always looks to provide the best possible integrations for major & nascent platforms. As with Twitter sharing templates, the official Pin It interface, and WhatsApp sharing on mobile, we’re keeping an eye on Flipboard for new opportunities for publishers and developers.

Below you can try out sharing to Flipboard’s web app, and you can add Flipboard to your site as a standalone button.