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AddToAny is back!

Many of you have noticed some changes here and there, and some of you guessed it. Yes, indeed, I have.

I bought AddToAny back!

Yours Truly, Founder of AddToAny, sharing/saving/subscription machine, supporter of web publishers, Pat Diven II, “micropat” is again the proud owner of the boomerang that is AddToAny.

More passionate and appreciative than ever before, I’m back at it full-time and I’ve got the keys.  I can’t wait to (re)deliver on what matters most to publishers, developers, and always of course, the end-user.

Your feedback is my fuel, your praise on recent updates has already been reinvigorating, and I’m excited to show you the new paint and new things we’ve been working on that you will love for a number of years. Thank you, world, and please do keep the feedback coming!

— Pat