Share buttons for

Install AddToAny in

  1. Add the Share Button for inserter bookmarklet to your browser's bookmarks toolbar (see "Bookmarklet installation" below)
  2. Write a post and click the Publish button
  3. Click the Share Button bookmarklet to insert the AddToAny button into your post
  4. Click the Update Post button

Button to insert into posts

AddToAny sharing button that will be inserted into posts:

Bookmarklet installation share button inserter bookmarklet: Share Button

For most browsers (Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera):

  1. Drag the " Share Button" above to your Bookmarks Toolbar

For Internet Explorer:

  1. Make sure your "Links Toolbar" is visible. If it is not, right click on any part of the menu bar and make sure Links (or Favorites Bar) is checked.
  2. Right-click on the " Share Button" above and click Add to Favorites.
  3. If a warning appears, click Yes (this is safe, of course).
  4. Be sure to save the Favorite in your "Links" (or "Favorites Bar") folder so that it appears in your Links Toolbar.