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Over 200,000 downloads for WordPress Share/Bookmark/Email Button plugin

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

Holy cow!  Our WordPress sharing and bookmarking plugin has been downloaded over 200,000 times!  Thanks to everyone’s insightful feedback, and over 2 years of development, the AddToAny Share/Bookmark/Email Button plugin is the most popular sharing widget plugin for WordPress blogs.  We’re extra-proud of that!

It’s no secret that a lot of our effort goes into building a better WordPress plugin.  In our last WordPress milestone announcement  (50,000 downloads), we had a call for feedback and many of you responded with several actionable suggestions.  With your help we made some noteworthy improvements:

  • Standalone service links (exclusively on WordPress)
  • More customization
  • Support for older themes and platforms
  • Localization/i18

… and a whole lot more.  We’re continuing our call for feedback and invite all WordPress pros to weight in on how to make the plugin perfect before version 1.0 lands.  Please feel free to get in touch directly or post your thoughts on the WP forums.

In other WordPress/Automattic news, we recently had the pleasure of working with IntenseDebate on a sharing plugin for comments (see post) and developing a sharing solution for publishers.

Service links and service icons for WordPress plugin

Wednesday, April 1st, 2009

Over 100,000 downloads after the last WordPress milestone, AddToAny is releasing version .9.9 of the sharing and bookmarking plugin for WordPress blogs!

As many of you know, .9.9 is one unusually high version number for the plugin, and it’s oh-so-close to that tasty 1.0.  With this particularly special release, we’re fulfilling the requests of many people in one major new feature:

Service icons available in version .9.9

Individual service links!

It isn’t a joke (though Happy good-luck-filtering-through-the-real-news Day!) and it isn’t earth-shatteringly original.  To develop this feature, we actually had to travel back in time to circa 2005 when service chicklets of varying sizes were all the rage, and all over blogs.  On the surface this seems somewhat weird: Here we are, home of the world’s first decluttering all-inclusive sharing, bookmarking and subscribing buttons, and now we’re peddling individual service icons!  Why?

A very good reason: because it simply makes sense for publishers to optimize their sites for the services that bring the most return.  Include those service links for your largest pools of sharers, and include the all-inclusive AddToAny sharing widget for everyone else. Your most valuable visitors are immediately served, and all other methods of sharing are perfectly enabled for the masses.

Sevice links + AddToAny, best of neighbors at last, officially on WordPress.

Over 50,000 WordPress downloads for the sharing, saving, bookmarking plugin!

Wednesday, November 19th, 2008

Yesterday we crossed a milestone:

Over 50 THOUSAND downloads of the Share/Save/Bookmark plugin for WordPress!

Since the official directory opened over a year and a half ago, the Share/Save/Bookmark plugin, as well as the Subscribe widget plugin for feeds, have been a key focus of our time and development.  Everyone seems to know that WordPress rules, and to give outsiders insight, what you’re reading now was written in WordPress. :)

We are proud to say that Add to Any has maintained two of the best integrated WordPress plugins available. Hands down, the Share/Save button is the most integrated all-inclusive sharing plugin.  50,000 downloads later, and with whatever the crazy WordPress install count is, there’s a good chance you already know that!

A lot of time, effort, and e-mail went into this feat, and it certainly helps when you have the backing of one of the best communities on the Internet.  I have to say, 9/10 times the best feedback comes from WordPress publishers and fellow WordPress developers. You people rock, with a great big shout out to James Huff, Steven Sashen of the Meditation Truth blog, Tri Nguyen, Michael Cohen (performance guru), and every publisher and developer that’s ever given feedback — thank you!

The plugins themselves are over 2 years old, and neither has reached version 1.0.  Why so Googley?  We’re doing our best to ensure that 1.0 is clean as can befailsafe to install, and optimized to minimize its footprint. That said: We want your help!

Right now Add to Any is looking for WordPress-specific feedback more than ever.  Please tell us how the plugins can be better.  Whether that means taking a magnifying class to the code, localizing in a language you know (thank you, Juan!  Thank you, Dupola!), or suggesting a new option or feature — we appreciate every note.

Thanks again to every WordPress publisher out there that uses Add to Any, and thank you WordPress!